Hope Tower

In São Paulo, Brazil, there are about 15,000 homeless people, living a condition of abandonment and social marginalization.

In October 2015, NUTAU / USP - Center for Research in Technology of Architecture and Urbanism at the University of São Paulo - made a contact with the Construir Institute with the architectural idea for a support center for this population, the Hope Tower, to be built in the central area of the city on a site close to the subway and train stations, where there is an existing concentration of homeless, but also of jobs.

The tower will house 136 rooms with bathrooms and pantries with 4 dimensions (for 1, 2, 3 and even 4 residents of the same family), distributed vertically on 17 floors, with 8 rooms per floor (all of which with green terraces), with an internal distribution that creates the sensation of an upward spiraling movement on the façade. The shaft will include a circular, ventilated corridor, with two glass elevators and a central staircase.

One floor will be used for a nursery and the two lower floors will be used for commercial spaces - some of which are to sell handicraft products produced by the residents -, and for assistance facilities for the residents. The rent from the shops will help to lower the building's maintenance costs.

The proposal was approved unanimously by a group of 50 homeless at the Construir Institute, on November 8th, 2015.

This campaign aims to capture the necessary financial resources for the tower's feasibility study by means of a crowdfunding process. The minimum contributions will be US$ 3.00 (three american dollars) or its equivalent value in other currencies and can be made through credit card / PayPal or by direct donation to the Construir Institute:

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